What's New?

UNFI Super Pair Rewards
Another feature of UNFI which positions the token at the center of the multi-chain Unifi Protocol ecosystem. UNFI holders have the exclusive ability to earn a bonus share of all liquidity rewards minted from trading fees on an entire blockchain simply by providing liquidity to UNFI Super Pairs.
The first DeFi platform to integrate blockchain node rewards into its ecosystem. Stakers, liquidity providers, and lenders align behind common goals, and share a single tokenomics structure.
uTrade v2
Unifi Protocol smart contracts have been upgraded! uTrade is the AMM built using Protocol smart contracts. uTrade V2 offers enhanced support and exciting new opportunities for DeFi developers.

A Huge Step Forward

New and Improved Features

Single Side Liquidity

Liquidity providers need only provide one side of the pair. The smart contract will automatically sell half in order to purchase the other side of the pair and balance the pool of liquidity.

Users can Add New Listings

If you don’t see your favorite token on uTrade, you can list it yourself! This feature will create multiple use opportunities, allowing users to create the pairs they want to support, which enhances a thriving DeFi ecosystem.

Paving the way for Cross-Chain Functionality

uTrade V2 has many behind the scenes components built to pave the way for cross-chain swaps, when Unifi blockchains will be united through DeFi.

Designed for Builders

Enhanced Options for Projects and Developers

Developer-friendly Smart Contracts

Recognizable contract calls, functions, and open access to Unifi-specific features such as UP minting, will allow developers to easily move existing products or services to Unifi Protocol. This provides an environment for innovation to create new services inside the unique Unifi ecosystem.

Customizable Smart Contract Parameters

Unifi can help you create customized pool parameters, UP minting parameters, contract interactions, and help you find ways to make your project be as successful as possible on the Unifi Protocol.

Token Routing

Built-in Token Routing ensures efficient and optimal trading and liquidity adding. Access to additional liquidity through routing allows developers to use other platform’s liquidity pools, but reap the benefits of doing so through Unifi’s sustainable tokenomics model.
Unifi Protocol
Uniting blockchains through DeFi
Unifi Protocol is a group of non-custodial, interoperable smart contracts linking multiple blockchains together into one large DeFi marketplace.

uTrade is the AMM trading platform utilizing the Unifi Protocol for harnessing multi-chain swaps and liquidity farming to power UNFI, Unifi’s Global Governance Token.

Click on a Blockchain to Start

Liquidity providers earn a share of trading fees in the form of UP token, which can be redeemed at any time. UP is the ideal liquidity farming token since every trade increases the redeem value of UP - it is called UP for a reason! UP tokens can also migrate to UNFI for access to enhanced liquidity rewards and governance staking rewards!

Up DeFi token


UPeth Redeem Value:


Binance Smart Chain
Up DeFi token

Binance Smart Chain

UPbnb Redeem Value:


Up DeFi token


UPiotx Redeem Value:


Up DeFi token


UPont Redeem Value:


Up DeFi token


UPmatic Redeem Value:


Up DeFi token


UPone Redeem Value:


Up DeFi token


UPicx Redeem Value:


Up DeFi token


UPtrx Redeem Value:


Features and Highlights

Cross Chain Defi

Unifi Protocol is a suite of smart-contract based building blocks that create and connect DeFi marketplaces by enabling simple and low-cost cross-chain trading. This includes bridging them all to the existing token rich multi-million dollar Ethereum DeFi economy.

Sustainable Utility

Unifi continues to expand and include more blockchain communities. This creates unlimited liquidity farming and even the variety of products and services that can be built on the Protocol.

UNFI Rewards

UNFI token holders can earn high incentive liquidity rewards and governance staking rewards. Rewards for staking UNFI and providing liquidity incentivizes the community to contribute to the growth of the Protocol and UNFI..


Unifi provides a tokenized rewards system which allows built-in yield farming and removes the limitations created by providing native blockchain token rewards. Unifi captures the power of multi-chain trading and enhanced multi-platform liquidity farming into the UNFI token, Unifi’s Global Governance Token.

Join the conversation

Unifi has a thriving community across multiple social media platforms.

UNFI Token

UNFI token holders are granted exclusive access to Proposals and Referendums to propose or vote on Unifi governance actions across multiple blockchains.

UNFI can be staked to earn rewards, or provided as liquidity to earn a bonus share of every liquidity rewards token minted on uTrade from trading fees on an entire blockchain.