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Invest in Technology

Building a blockchain,
not a cryptocurrency

Challenge standards

It’s time for a blockchain revolution

What if blockchain adoption didn't mean crypto adoption?

A stablecoin as our gas token removes transaction volatility and speculation. We are creating the next class of blockchain, built on the principle of economic sustainability.

Who We Are

As leaders in developing sustainable & innovative solutions, the future of blockchain is in our history.

Our history

  • 2018

    A staking community based on a collateralized derivative token

  • 2019

    Deployed a bridge and dex to support our multi-chain staking token

  • 2020

    Unifi Protocol launches AMM with sustainable UP rewards

  • 2021

    More blockchain partners and UNFI DAO participates in governance

  • 2022

    Advanced DeFi strategies and decentralized arbitrage solutions

Our Vision

Making blockchain adoption the future of finance.

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