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Sustainable Blockchain Technology is Coming

Unifi Protocol has been laying the foundation for a truly sustainable blockchain economy since 2018.
Our vision for the future is efficient blockchain technology that people can rely on.
The cornerstone of this vision is the ability for a blockchain to function independently of market volatility and simplify crypto adoption for all industries.

All completely trustless. And sustainable.

Why Sustainability is So Important.

We all want blockchain adoption, but believe it or not, the solution isn’t simply faster or cheaper transactions.

Economics will always win over technology.

Building the Future

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Our ecosystem is governed by UNFI

UNFI is listed on several exchanges

UNFI Token

UNFI token holders are granted exclusive access to Proposals and Referendums to propose or vote on Unifi governance actions across multiple blockchains.

UNFI can be staked to earn rewards, or provided as liquidity to earn a bonus share of every liquidity rewards token minted on uTrade from trading fees on an entire blockchain.